Parents: Keep loving, supporting and believing.

Parents: Whether your kid acknowledges it now or not, your love for and support of them will forever be deep-rooted in their heart. If you’re going through a tough time or age with them right now, please hold on to those opening words. They will realize it one day! Never lose hope and faith in that.


Had to share this pic of me and my dad after my very first company workshop. A young woman in her 20s who will never forget a hug this big from a parent while they tell you how proud of you they are! I wouldn’t be where I am right now if it weren’t for the support of my mom and dad. Sounds cliche, but it’s the absolute truth. They have always been honest with me and my sisters if they had questions or a hesitancy about a dream we wanted to chase or big decision we wanted to make – but, no matter what, we knew we were loved and supported and that they believed in us. That has allowed me to live life – to grow into the person I am today … and to continue growing. There have been times where I’ve absolutely learned the hard way and have had to say “You were right,” then pick up the pieces and move on. But, I am that much stronger and have learned that much more about life because I was able to fly free while really never losing sight of “home” …


Communication Exercise: 5 Sentences?

If you have a 5+ sentence email composed (or social media post, text, etc…), before you consider it the final version, go back and see if you can trim it up to make it shorter in length.

Part of effective communication is composing a clear and concise message!


How big is your vision?

Check out my revamped vision board below! On the right are things that keep me focused and motivated, such as notes from friends and family – so I left room to continue adding things, because Lord knows there are days when I need it! I then have my immediate Next Step and below that, a printout of my Goal Map.

How big is your vision? And by “big”, I don’t mean it has to be this massive life change or something so extreme – I mean big, as in, important to you. How bad do you want it?

The days pass quickly, and I don’t say that to send you into a state of panic or discouragement, but I say it to encourage you to find what works to keep you motivated and on track. Surround yourself with those who understand how important your vision is to you and those that will push you to bring that vision to fruition.

You got this! I’m rooting for you.

– Jen

vision board

Acknowledge. Don’t Dwell.

Photo by Kal Loftus on Unsplash

It is important to learn the balance between acknowledging and dwelling. Things aren’t quite the way you thought they’d be today, this week or this season of your life? Do what you need to do in terms of acknowledging it, but don’t dwell.

Cry, let out a good scream, write it out, tell someone. Then, dust yourself off, hold your head high and establish what needs to be done to keep pressing on!

You got this.


Perception: Everyone has a story. Be kind.

Everyone has a story. Be kind.

Situations aren’t always black and white. Majority of the time, human instinct is to judge others, assume and immediately form a perspective that is one-sided, biased or tainted by stereotypes, ignorance and the views/opinions of others.

Each day I challenge myself (and I challenge you, too!) to keep an open mind. To understand that we all have environments, situations and choices that are consistently molding us and pulling us in many directions.

Truth is, we are ALL trying to figure out “life.” We all have our own demons. We all experience fear. We all experience stress. We all experience anger. We all experience confusion, regret, humiliation, etc … We may experience different circumstances, but a lot of the same emotions.

We, as humans, are so much more similar than different.

Let’s stop judging. Let’s stop hating. Let’s stop choosing to see the bad over the good. Dare to continue learning about different cultures and things of this world that will allow you to open your mind, see the positive, expand your perspective and grow as a human being.