The “Why? What? How?” Game

Ever play the “Why? What? How?” game? It is a great strategy to help you get to the root of something! You can do this with personal or professional situations.


Example: “I am so frustrated lately and it’s beginning to impact daily life.”

WHY have I been frustrated? Because my temper has been short, causing me to be impatient over the littlest things and it snowballs from there.

Why has my temper been short? Because I haven’t been getting enough sleep.

Why haven’t I been getting enough sleep? Because I am stressing over work. Poor work/life balance.

WHAT could I do to create a better work/life balance? I could create a better priority list and learn how to manage my workload better.

HOW will I start? By watching a training on how to prioritize a demanding workload throughout the workday and talk to my manager for support.

The root of this situation was not necessarily “frustration” – it was lack of prioritization and difficult workload. Many times, the issue isn’t always what we immediately assume. It is worth taking a step back and digging down to the true root!


Parents: Keep loving, supporting and believing.

Parents: Whether your kid acknowledges it now or not, your love for and support of them will forever be deep-rooted in their heart. If you’re going through a tough time or age with them right now, please hold on to those opening words. They will realize it one day! Never lose hope and faith in that.


Had to share this pic of me and my dad after my very first company workshop. A young woman in her 20s who will never forget a hug this big from a parent while they tell you how proud of you they are! I wouldn’t be where I am right now if it weren’t for the support of my mom and dad. Sounds cliche, but it’s the absolute truth. They have always been honest with me and my sisters if they had questions or a hesitancy about a dream we wanted to chase or big decision we wanted to make – but, no matter what, we knew we were loved and supported and that they believed in us. That has allowed me to live life – to grow into the person I am today … and to continue growing. There have been times where I’ve absolutely learned the hard way and have had to say “You were right,” then pick up the pieces and move on. But, I am that much stronger and have learned that much more about life because I was able to fly free while really never losing sight of “home” …


Communication Exercise: 5 Sentences?

If you have a 5+ sentence email composed (or social media post, text, etc…), before you consider it the final version, go back and see if you can trim it up to make it shorter in length.

Part of effective communication is composing a clear and concise message!