Right Now You Have a Choice

Yesterday could have been rough. The last week could have been rough. The last few months could have been rough. But, guess what? You are reading this post at a moment where you can stop, take a deep breath (or a few!) and slow down…reminding yourself about what really matters in life.

You may be going through things that are a really big deal for you – personally and/or professionally – but, never forget that we give the weight to what matters in our lives. We control that pressure. We also control how we react to things – even the things that happen to us (or to our family and friends) that we didn’t ask for or don’t believe we deserve.

At this very moment, will you choose with me to be positive and hopeful? Will you choose with me to focus on the beauty in finding lessons learned through difficult situations? Right now, choose with me extra awareness around patience and kindness – both toward yourself and others.

Let's make it happen.

Jennifer Lee Inspiration