I received my Bachelor of Arts degree in Corporate Communications from The Pennsylvania State University and my professional background includes: Human Resources, Project Management, Training + Development, and Recruiting.

It has been somewhat of a unique journey leading up to the present! In 2013, after working several years in the “corporate world," I decided to make a huge leap – relocating from Pittsburgh, PA to Los Angeles, CA to explore my interest in TV hosting. Living one year in CA and accepting various hosting opportunities, I felt…empty.

While I loved the engagement with others, speaking in front of crowds, working on-camera and the gorgeous Cali weather, I knew I needed something more meaningful and fulfilling.

You will not discover what you want out of life if you do not take time to explore.

After having an epiphany in CA, I created an inspirational website and my journey continued! This website led to the opening of my own company, “Jennifer Lee Life Coaching,” which over the course of 5 years has developed into Jennifer Lee Inspiration.

I created this business as a platform to provide others motivation, inspiration, encouragement and support on both a personal and professional level. Now, I can confidently proclaim my purpose!

Jennifer Lee Inspiration