Rephrasing our question can make a huge difference in the way it’s received! Instead of: Are you done with the report yet? Try this: When do you anticipate finishing the report? Instead of: Are you still running late? Try this: When do you think you’ll get here?

During this pandemic, you may be working from different locations, but you are still in control of communication on your end. If you received an email, Skype message or text from a coworker, and it has left you feeling offended or it is open for interpretation, you can prevent misunderstanding by picking up the phone […]

Your work culture may look a lot different now than it did a few months ago. As a leader, you can bring your team together and use this time to not dwell on what once was, but how you can take what worked well before and adapt it to your current culture! Be transparent about […]

Know your audience and content: Are you speaking to CEOs? To peers? To adults? To children? Are you speaking to managers – if so, what kind of teams are they currently leading? When you start with identifying your audience, you have a foundation for identifying their needs as well as how you can best engage […]

Self-awareness is key in conversation! You can still possess passion for something and remain committed to your idea and perspective, if you so choose to. But, controlling our passion is important so that it does not hijack an opportunity for something greater! “Don’t let your passion for your idea interfere with your ability to listen […]

Do you quickly find the lines blurring between work and life at home? Perhaps your dining room table setup is making it hard to end work on time. Maybe feeding the baby or helping your first AND second graders with homework has replaced your usual 9:00 am meetings. Or, the motivation, engagement and positivity you […]

Has your office recently gone from a cubicle on the 30-something floor to your dining room table or makeshift desk in your bedroom? Are you now surrounded by 4-legged coworkers or in a position where you have to bounce between parenting and managing? Relocating to a work-from-home space may come with schedule flexibility and sweatpants, […]

This quote is a little harsh, but true… Life may not have been or may not currently be kind to you, but you are still responsible for how you handle it…how you respond…the decisions you make each day – whether it’s who you’re surrounding yourself with, where you’re working, what you’re putting in your body, […]

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