Turning Sunday Blues into a Chance to Give Thanks

The Sunday Blues are a real thing. Many people experience a true, deep sadness or anxiety when thinking about going to work on Monday.

If you are experiencing that right now, I challenge you to take a second right now and express gratitude that you have a job. Gratitude can flip the switch. Gratitude changes perspective. Gratitude helps you to see beyond your current struggle. Gratitude allows hope to enter in.

So, again, I challenge you to express gratitude for your job. Many folks are unemployed at this moment. While you may not be thrilled with your current role, it is providing you a source of income at this time and you can use this experience as a stepping stone to potentially seek a new career or position if you so choose. But, for this moment, you have a job. You have an opportunity.

Let’s make a shift in our mentality and be grateful for what we currently have while remembering we can, at any moment, choose to have something different! You can do this.

Have a great rest of your evening and let’s wake up tomorrow refreshed and ready to start the week on a positive note!

Let's make it happen.

Jennifer Lee Inspiration