Looking at Regret Differently…

Here is a little #throwbackthursday pic collage for you! Not a lot of people know that from 2013 to 2014, my husband and I lived in Los Angeles while I took classes with a professional coach to learn about the world of TV Hosting!

WOW, what all can happen within one year. What all can happen when you decide to take a risk, make the leap and try something new…something way outside of your comfort zone. It was that very something that I needed to transform my career and my life. I used to think coming home from California was something I would never be able to get over. But, when I stopped dwelling on that and began to focus on what that move and experience did for me, my eyes were opened to the fact that if it were not for California, I would not have created my inspirational brand, which at that time, was called “A Breath of Fresh Air.” It was an assignment for one of our hosting classes.

THEN, I get to thinking of how this brand ABOFA led to my epiphany that I need to be coaching people and public speaking… After moving back to Pittsburgh, ABOFA transformed into Jennifer Lee Life Coaching… and Jennifer Lee Life Coaching molded itself into my current company, Jennifer Lee Inspiration. This ALL started with our move to California. A move that I thought would turn out differently at the time, BUT, it ended up exploding into something SO much more purposeful and impactful – for not only me, but those around me and those who I get to work with……

Friends, please take time to reflect on those things you consider regrets and find a way to see them as the very thing that helped to reshape or redirect something in you. See them as stepping stones and keep moving forward with gratitude and enthusiasm for life!

Let's make it happen.

Jennifer Lee Inspiration