Here is a little #throwbackthursday pic collage for you! Not a lot of people know that from 2013 to 2014, my husband and I lived in Los Angeles while I took classes with a professional coach to learn about the world of TV Hosting! WOW, what all can happen within one year. What all can happen when […]

Are you someone who doesn’t work well under pressure or who easily gets frustrated when a manager follows up with you too frequently? Many times, we let things like this snowball to an unhealthy point where we ultimately allow it to impact our attitude at work, our performance and/or our relationship with our leader(s). Next […]

Affirmations are SO powerful if you take time to absorb them and repeat them to yourself with bold intention.

Yesterday could have been rough. The last week could have been rough. The last few months could have been rough. But, guess what? You are reading this post at a moment where you can stop, take a deep breath (or a few!) and slow down…reminding yourself about what really matters in life. You may be […]

Our first instinct is to become defensive with those who lash out at us. Instead, take a deep breath, compose yourself and try genuinely asking if they are OK. Sometimes, as humans, all we need is for someone to ask us if we are alright, instead of reciprocating the negativity. Even if the response we […]

The Sunday Blues are a real thing. Many people experience a true, deep sadness or anxiety when thinking about going to work on Monday. If you are experiencing that right now, I challenge you to take a second right now and express gratitude that you have a job. Gratitude can flip the switch. Gratitude changes […]

Do not let fears, insecurities, or other people’s worries and negative projections hold you back from exploring different paths in your life. It is by exploring new things that we discover what works for us, what makes us happy and where we find true joy and fulfillment! It is OK to be vulnerable. It is […]

It’s that time of year when student athletes are returning to campus to gear up for the fall season and upcoming semester! REMEMBER: Be a leader on your team and also in the classroom. Absorb every lesson you can while playing the game and getting an education. Play your heart out. Expand your mind. You got […]

Join Jennifer Lee Inspiration and Remote Work Pros as we bring you an 8-video series with motivational, inspirational and educational tips for those working on or managing a remote work team! TOPIC #8: Physical and Mental Health for Remote Workers

You are having a great day at work. Things are smooth sailing. Life is good. Then, you walk into the break room and your coworker is complaining about everything under the sun. Or, maybe a colleague snips at you in a meeting or makes a snide comment under his or her breath regarding a project […]

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