Perception: Everyone has a story. Be kind.

Everyone has a story. Be kind.

Situations aren’t always black and white. Majority of the time, human instinct is to judge others, assume and immediately form a perspective that is one-sided, biased or tainted by stereotypes, ignorance and the views/opinions of others.

Each day I challenge myself (and I challenge you, too!) to keep an open mind. To understand that we all have environments, situations and choices that are consistently molding us and pulling us in many directions.

Truth is, we are ALL trying to figure out “life.” We all have our own demons. We all experience fear. We all experience stress. We all experience anger. We all experience confusion, regret, humiliation, etc … We may experience different circumstances, but a lot of the same emotions.

We, as humans, are so much more similar than different.

Let’s stop judging. Let’s stop hating. Let’s stop choosing to see the bad over the good. Dare to continue learning about different cultures and things of this world that will allow you to open your mind, see the positive, expand your perspective and grow as a human being.


Let's make it happen.

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