The “Why? What? How?” Game

Ever play the “Why? What? How?” game? It is a great strategy to help you get to the root of something! You can do this with personal or professional situations.


Example: “I am so frustrated lately and it’s beginning to impact daily life.”

WHY have I been frustrated? Because my temper has been short, causing me to be impatient over the littlest things and it snowballs from there.

Why has my temper been short? Because I haven’t been getting enough sleep.

Why haven’t I been getting enough sleep? Because I am stressing over work. Poor work/life balance.

WHAT could I do to create a better work/life balance? I could create a better priority list and learn how to manage my workload better.

HOW will I start? By watching a training on how to prioritize a demanding workload throughout the workday and talk to my manager for support.

The root of this situation was not necessarily “frustration” – it was lack of prioritization and difficult workload. Many times, the issue isn’t always what we immediately assume. It is worth taking a step back and digging down to the true root!


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