Free Worksheet!

3 Steps for Reflecting and Regaining Control

Our emotions can be a difficult thing to control – especially during times of conflict, when we are “blindsided” with information, or when we are extremely passionate about a topic or point of view.

Many times, we allow our emotions to jump into the pilot seat, and we speak and act before we have time to process why we feel a certain way and then carefully plan a response. Acting and speaking from a place of emotion can damage personal and professional relationships and create walls where bridges could have been built!

Here is a complimentary worksheet to help with this process! This is a great activity to conduct with your direct reports during a 1-on-1 meeting or even within a team setting. You could have each team member complete the sheet, then openly discuss – allowing for collaboration, shared viewpoints, constructive feedback and the encouragement of open-mindedness and productive and positive action!

Worksheet download: 3 Steps for Reflecting and Regaining Control