Client Feedback

“Jennifer was fantastic at integrating our goals of developing the students’ leadership and communication qualities with fun activities that helped each student better understand their CliftonStrengths results. Since the workshop, every single student has taken on new roles in campus clubs, athletics, or community service projects.

We have even heard feedback from one student that, upon reflection, realized that he was not a great team player in group projects, and vowed to take steps to improve. By the final presentation in his capstone course, he took on the role of the group leader and delivered a wonderful presentation to the campus community with his teammates.

It’s clear that the students have taken tools that Jennifer has equipped them with and have been working to implement them in their daily lives. We look forward to continuing to incorporate Jennifer’s workshops into our curriculum!”

-Brooke Doerfler, Admissions Counselor/Penn State Shenango



“As a social service organization with over 20 programs, we are subject to the natural exhaustion that comes along with this line of work. We were looking for something or someone to help us refocus and get back to basics. Jennifer came in with a fresh outlook on our organization. That paired with her positivity, energy, and creativity, we were happy to spend time together reminding ourselves why we do what we do.  Jennifer helped us revisit our strengths, and rejuvenated our confidence in our work.  Our organization was truly inspired.  We left feeling good about ourselves, each other, what we have accomplished in the past, and our goals as an organization for the future. Time flew by and we did not want our session to end.”

-Erica Cochran, Development Coordinator/North Hills Community Outreach

Additional NHCO employee feedback: 

“That was amazing, 2 hours felt like 5 minutes. I was having so much fun!”

“Thank you for setting this up, it was so needed, and so worth it. A great use of our time.”

“Can we work with Jennifer again on something else? She was great!”

“I realized today that there are multiple things I don’t recognize about myself during the work day, I will most definitely be more aware of how I can make a difference in my day and others.”



“We are just a small organization in the big pond, but have the same issues and desires as the big fish. We asked Jennifer Edwards to come help us with leadership goals and the overall running of our team more efficiently. She did not disappoint! Our team leaders met with Jen for an afternoon of interactive fun and learning about our own personal talents and how to make them our personal strengths to use at work and in our personal lives. Without a doubt, she opened our minds and had all of us thinking about how to improve ourselves and our work lives. I highly recommend getting this lady into your establishment to work with your teams. She is fun, energetic and really knows how to break it all down and have you thinking outside your own head to grow into bigger things! Thank you, Jen!”

-Dave and Shelley Fischer, Co-Owners/Sim’s Bowling Lanes



“Jennifer is one of the most energetic, enthusiastic and inspirational individuals that I have known. She embraces all of her endeavors with a passion, never settling for less than the best for herself and challenging others to do the same. If you are seeking to be the best version of yourself, I would highly recommend that you consider Jennifer as your next coach.”

-Chuck Gohn, Pastor/Coach



“I had the pleasure of working with Jennifer in her time at pep. She was hugely instrumental in helping us develop and enhance a Strengths Based Culture inside of our organization. She spoke at numerous events and trainings as we moved in this direction.”

-Ben Seinen, CEO (pep, LLC)



“I cannot tell you what an amazing experience it has been working with Jennifer. Her insight, experience and positive energy has helped me grow tremendously. Her energy is contagious – it is the energy that keeps you motivated and is one of the best things to keep you going even when you are doubting yourself. Her techniques of balancing personal goals, career goals and whatever other goals you want to achieve has helped me with being able to understand my vision and has also helped me carry out my vision on multiple projects. She has coached me through interviews and how to improve, through starting and ending events and projects and also with ways to stay motivated through challenges. Not only is she a wealth of knowledge to learn from, but she has impacted my life in ways I didn’t expect. She is truly a person who will make you see the best in yourself and a way to find your “super powers”. I would highly recommend her! She is indeed exceptional!”

-Blaze LaBoon, Recruiter



“She is smart, accepting and willing to start where you are.”

-Lynda Milne, Project Manager



“Jennifer is enthusiastic to help you succeed. She has so much passion to help others take the next step in their life and, because of her coaching, I was ahead of the game in my Java Development bootcamp.”

-Ryan Palaschak, Java Developer



“Jennifer is a hard working, enthusiastic woman that brings creativity and vision to all areas of life. I have had the pleasure to work with on several projects both personally and professionally. She is a highly effective communicator. Jennifer epitomizes a next generation leader that not only produces results but enhances the culture and relationships where ever she is involved.”

-Kathy Coder, Consultant/Facilitator 


“Jen had a huge impact not only on our Pittsburgh team, but on the greater company through leading the strengths-based trainings. Her motivation and passion behind these initiatives allowed her fellow teammates to believe in the power of strengths-based leadership. Jen’s ability to lead trainings and carry on discussions confidently is such an inspiration. Our team was lucky to have someone who put so much dedication into her work in this area. Jen has the ability to influence a room just by bringing her passion into her work. I have witnessed firsthand the results of Jen’s strength-based trainings through the growth of myself and my team. She inspired us to start each day with a reflection on our strengths and take any “mistake” or setback as an opportunity to utilize our strengths. It has been a pleasure watching Jen in her element for the last few years – bringing a positive and realistic inspiration to the company while training others in areas she’s so passionate about.”

-Jill Fischer, eCommerce Production Leader



“At Penn State Beaver, we invited Jennifer to speak at an event aimed to help students stay enrolled in school. Jennifer was tasked to relate to students that were from all walks of life with the goal of teaching them about overcoming obstacles and taking time to self-assess. Jennifer was in regular communication with our planning group, was very considerate of our event’s goals, and even incorporated campus-specific resources to share with the students during her interactive sessions. During the event, Jennifer shared personal stories, strategic tips, and used crowd participation to develop a valuable event for our students. Overall, the workshop Jennifer delivered was highly customized for our needs, engaging, interactive, and managed to capture the attention of students that range in age, nationality, race, ethnicity, and economical backgrounds.

-Penn State Beaver “Communications Day” Team



“Jen is so professional and kind! She helped me with my business pitch, that I wasn’t so confident about and after working with her my confidence definitely grew. We went over positive affirmations that I could use for my business as well as my personal life. What an inspirational woman she is!”

-Daina Houghton, Spa/Skincare Consultant



Working with Jennifer was truly an enlightening experience. She invited me to be her intern with Jennifer Lee Inspiration during my educational path of human behavior and public speaking. Jennifer worked diligently and intensely to express her extensive knowledge of branding yourself, designing/executing events and capturing your audience. I was consistently challenged to further myself as well as my career.

As a result, I can say I grew exponentially. The time I spent with Jennifer Lee Inspiration was nothing but educational, inspirational and extremely valuable. Thanks to Jennifer and her wealth of knowledge, my dreams have skyrocketed and become more and more of my reality.

-Marisa Rosner, Childcare Professional