A Breath of Fresh Air

These short videos are designed to educate, entertain and inspire. Stop and catch a breath of fresh air!

“Staying motivated”

“Doing Things For Yourself”

“Stress Management”

“Respect Yourself Before Seeking Respect From Others”

“Choices to Make”

While this video isn’t in the typical “A Breath of Fresh Air” format, I felt compelled to share this message with you. I filmed it in my car this morning and I think the underlying message can be applied every day!

“Failing vs Quitting”

“Meet Marisa”

“How to Keep Yourself Motivated”

“You Are Enough”

“Ideas for Your Own Creative Space”

“3 Quick Tips to Mentally Prepare for Goal Planning”

“What it Means to Chase Your Dreams”

“How to Prepare for Goal Planning”

“When Someone Snaps at You, Don’t Snap Back”

“Conversation Awareness”

“Removing Negativity From Your Life”

“The Power of No”

“The Why? Technique”

“How to Confront Someone”

“How to Seek Happiness While Making Sacrifices Along the Way”

“How to Avoid Judging Others”

“How to Strengthen Your Confidence: Positive Affirmations!”

“Fun Ways to Embrace a New Season”

“How to Organize Your Tasks and Priorities”

“How to Change Your Perspective”

“Comparison is Toxic”

“Be Inspired. Inspire Others.”

“Don’t Dish the Gossip. DITCH it!”