About Me

I received my Bachelor of Arts degree in Corporate Communications from The Pennsylvania State University and I have an extensive background in human resources, marketing and recruiting. It took some time “getting to know myself” in the workforce before I decided to make a huge leap – relocating from Pittsburgh, PA to Los Angeles, CA to explore my interest in TV hosting!

However; after one year in CA and accepting various hosting opportunities, I still felt…empty. While I loved hosting, I knew I needed something a little more fulfilling.

I boiled it down to this: I have a passion for 1.) Motivating and inspiring others…2.) Presenting to and interacting with others…3.) Helping others see the good in themselves and those around them.

After an epiphany I had in CA, I created an inspirational website and eventually opened my own life coaching business called, “Jennifer Lee Life Coaching,” where I conducted private coaching sessions and public workshops. However, even with this company, I still felt…limited.

You will never figure out what you want out of life until you try new things. If you never try, you never know.

Finally, all of my past experiences and ventures have led me to this point where I can incorporate my love for all of the above. So, exactly what point am I at? I’m at the point where I host an inspirational website so I can bring you motivation and inspiration in a variety of ways that I’m passionate about – through my blog, speaking, inspirational products and more!

And, in case you’re wondering, I’ve relocated back to the good old ‘Burgh!