Wrap yourself in Motivation + Inspiration + Encouragement + Support with these infinity scarves by Jennifer Lee & Katie Blaney.

A little story about these scarves! This product line was inspired by a gift that co-founder, Katie Blaney, gave to her sister, Jennifer Lee, when Jennifer was about to move cross country to Los Angeles, CA!

Katie and Jennifer grew up in a musical family with a special passion for singing. Before Jennifer moved to Los Angeles, Katie gave her a scarf that had the lyrics to one of their favorite songs to sing as duet – Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey’s, “There Can Be Miracles.” A move cross country is pretty scary, but being able to wear a scarf that was so personal and sentimental got her through some of the scariest times in Los Angeles – while living over 3,000 miles away from family, friends and her comfort zone.

We all struggle with courage, faith, confidence, love and/or lack of motivation at one point in this crazy life. Jennifer & Katie want you to know you’re not alone. Click here to choose the perfect one!


Meet the sisters behind the scarves!