By All Means, Be UNhappy

This blog post was inspired by some “blah” emotions I felt after reading a quote on social media that said, “Love your life every minute of it.”

Within the last few years, the saying “Be Happy” has become extremely popular and is printed on a lot of products, ranging from coffee mugs to T-shirts to wood art. Believe me, I’m all for spreading happiness, but I can honestly say that when I read that phrase, I want to scream! (Haha) That’s a bit dramatic of me, but stay with me here! …

We as human beings cannot just flip a switch and “Be Happy”…we are not robots. Again, I do not mean to be a “Negative Nancy” and put a damper on a phrase that’s directed to others with good intentions. I suppose I more or less want this blog post to serve as a message letting those who see the phrase “Be Happy” on products or social media platforms know that there is nothing wrong with not “being happy” 100% of the time. That, yes, while we do control our attitudes, there’s also nothing wrong with you if you’re having a hard time pulling yourself out of a rut.

Many times (and I’ve been guilty of this myself!), we “put a lid” over situations that cause unhappy thoughts and feelings within us, and we avoid getting to the root of something. Sure, that may be a quick fix, but it presents the risk of creating a ticking time bomb that will explode one day in the future – causing potentially even more unhappiness.

Unfortunately, life is full of horrific moments, tragedy and unpredictable things and people that inflict negative emotions upon us. We can ultimately shift our perspective and control how we deal with those situations and people, but I think it’s a good thing to “feel” the emotions that stem from those circumstances. I don’t believe it’s healthy to immediately try and ignore your fear/sadness/pain/regret/etc… and instantly strive for happiness while throwing a fake smile on your face. Now, it’s also not healthy to dwell; however, I it’s important to acknowledge your immediate emotions and process things in a way where you’re giving yourself time to learn a lesson, grow from it, approach things realistically and THEN move forward with a positive perspective and wise action.

So {by all means} if you need to “Be UNhappy” for a little, take the time you need…surround yourself with those who love and support you…then, keep pressing on!




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