Hi, I’m Jen: Self-reflections and lessons learned.

Full transparency? This blog post is to help me out of a “funk.” Not necessarily a “life funk”…more of a “writing funk.” So I’m just going to begin typing, with no direction, and see where this takes us!

I used to love blogging, but as of lately, I’ve found myself simply enjoying life (which is great!), but losing my desire to write about things that I’m passionate about and that help others.

As I’m sitting here composing a blog post to help me break through this mental barrier, it dawns on me: I’m changing. I’m entering a new phase of life where my interests are beginning to shift ever so slightly. THAT is why I’m having a hard time choosing blog topics.

It’s pretty cool that sitting down to write this blog post as an attempt to break back into the blogging world has developed into a time of self reflection. Don’t you love when stuff like that happens? Those unexpected moments that leave you smiling and rejuvenated?

Yes, I’m changing. Now what? Well, I’ve decided to take some time to list out where I’m currently at, what I’ve learned throughout the last year or so and where I see things going:

  • I recently got engaged to an amazing man. Yay! A whole new chapter in itself.
  • I’m working on an inspirational product line with my sister. Look out world, here we come!
  • I haven’t been so active with my inspirational videos. Is that OK? I think so, because it’s allowed me to enjoy so many more present moments, rather than becoming too consumed with work and being so “go go go!”
  • I haven’t been to church in a very long time. There are some personal things I’m still working through as to why that is, but I’m nearing a point where it may be time to explore and see what we find!
  • Although considering the exploring of churches, my faith has certainly not been shaken. God is my rock. He knows where we stand.
  • I don’t want to take my health and body for granted. This includes monitoring the foods I intake and alcohol consumption.
  • There are times where you have open discussions with people and you don’t end on the same page…you don’t end in agreement, but you do end respecting one another while having stayed true to your point and to yourself. That was a very cool lesson to learn!
  • I want to continuously be aware of how I can be the best daughter, sister, aunt, fiance and friend that I can be.
  • I am beyond thankful for a full-time job and I never want to take it for granted.
  • I am thrilled to be on a journey toward my project management certification!
  • Things do not always have to be one extreme or the other. I’ve learned over the last few years that grey areas do exist…and that’s perfectly normal.
  • I want to (and will!) get back into more reading. I used to love reading inspirational magazines and books.
  • Patience truly is a virtue. I have to give a huge shout out and thanks to my fiance for opening my world to this realization. I actually now look forward to moments where I can practice patience, because I’ve learned and experienced the benefits of doing so.
  • I’ve learned how to live with regrets. Yes, I’m thankful for how I’ve been able to grow due to those decisions made – but, those decisions still remain regrets…and I’m OK admitting that.
  • I want to motivate and inspire people simply by being myself. I will do that through motivational workshops, the start of an inspirational product line and by continuing to be the best, most authentic, version of myself.

So, yes, that is all I’ve got for now. A few reflections and lessons learned. Have you tried doing something like this lately? It felt great to write some of that out and it also helped me overcome my “blogging drought.”

Sometimes we need to re-introduce ourselves in order to awaken our motivation and own who we are. Right now, this is me!




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