Smile. Be kind. Love. Be a light in this world!

Don’t let negativity consume you and change your perspective of this world. Now that we have instant access to phones, videos, media, reporters and the Internet, the bad is being magnified BIG TIME.

I’m not in ANY way discrediting the horrible events that have taken place throughout the last few years; however, we have no idea about the horrific things that were taking place centuries ago because there wasn’t someone there with a phone videoing it and throwing it up on the web. Yes, it’s great that development in technology exposes certain things in which we can take action on and make a difference through. But, our instant access to media has skewed our perspectives, making us think this world is crumbling. There is still SOOOOO much good out there.

Yes, bad things are happening, but do not let that paralyze you. Keep living in kindness and love. Smile. Keep peace within and be a light to the world in whatever way you can and in whatever way you’re feeling called.

Don’t give up on the good. We’re all in this together!


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