Overcome, Rise Above & Keep Pressing On!

A lot of things in life we purposely choose to experience. I think it’s safe to say the things we choose to experience tend to be the exciting, the positive, the happy things…things that don’t bring us pain, negativity or sadness. I think it’s also safe to say that the majority of us don’t choose to encounter the painful, negative or sad things. But, life isn’t perfect, right?

Not everything is in our control. While we encounter many uncontrollable or unpredictable things in life, we must never lose sight of what we can control. We have control over what we do following those unpredictable circumstances. We have control over our words…over our actions…over our decisions. And, ultimately, it’s those difficult times where we need to take pride and responsibility over what we can control. It’s those times where we need to practice self-discipline, patience and discernment.

Life can certainly make you feel fearful, worthless and helpless. But, never forget the courage, worth and strength that make you the totally awesome person you are. We all encounter the uncontrollable and the unpredictable. You’re not alone. Dig deep. You’re here for a reason. You can do this. Overcome, rise above and keep pressing on!


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