Living in the Moment

What do I mean by living in the moment? I mean the ability to stop and observe what is around you. The ability to acknowledge everything you are feeling in that moment. The ability to let all five of your senses run wild. So often, we live in the future or even the past, but why not the present? Why would we do that when there are so many amazing things happening right now? Our future has all the latest and greatest and it can be hard for us to simply let go of our past. The fact is that we get so busy letting life pass right on by that we don’t “stop to smell the roses.” What do the roses even smell like?

Here’s how I pull myself back every time I see myself straying away:

  1. I do what I can to avoid doing so much at once.

This has required a lot of schedule changes, many years of practice and I still have room to improve! Nonetheless, it is key to stop and do one thing at a time. It is also important to avoid stacking your schedule or lists too high. This will allow you to think about what you are currently doing.

  1. Take purposeful breaks.

Take a second to stop. Don’t think about anything going on, just stop. I often use when I’m trying to take a couple of seconds out of my day. Give it a try!

  1. Be present in what you are doing.

Be present with who you are talking to or maybe where you are. Put away everything you had going on before you walked into that situation and don’t worry about everything you have going on after. Focus solely on that moment.

I have to give some credit to a great article I found in my research. It’s called, “10 Steps to Mindfulness,” and it has a lot of awesome tips that helped expand my current knowledge on the topic of living in the present.

Remember, living in the moment may take some discipline and practice, but the above tips will help you get started.

Have a great week!


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