Healthy Relationships

It is important to remember that relationships have more dimensions than just significant others. They span from work to family to friends and so forth. The important part is to understand a healthy relationship from any and all angles.

I know that this is something I am far from good at. Being a child of divorce, recognizing a healthy relationship from “walking into an alligator’s mouth” can be rather difficult.

For that I did a bit of research for this post and I learned the following:

Those that have suffered from divorce or even just unhealthy role models for relationships, tend to struggle more with abandonment, commitment and overthinking. We know what toxic looks like from a mile away. The question is: How do we break down our experiences and associations to retrain our brains not to feel our past experiences when handling our present ones? The fact of the matter is we can’t, but we can look for certain things to help us.



I cannot stress how important communication is. It is often the first thing out the window because we as humans listen to react not listen to hear. That is why effective communication is key. If the communication is strong, the relationship is already much further along.

  1. Maturity

Simply being on the same maturity level as the other person can help you both see eye to eye.

  1. Comforting

You want to be comfortable both with and in the relationship. This helps to aid your effective communication, allowing you to be yourself.

  1. Boundaries are set and understood

You both are on the same page! Boundaries are important because they work to set limits on what is comfortable and uncomfortable for both of you in the relationship. They provide structure.


Overall, it can be hard for people such as myself to seek out a healthy relationship, so recognizing the signs has always been a great place to start. If you would like more information on how children of divorce can learn to embrace love, click here. And, if you would like more information on signs of a healthy relationship, click here.



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