Getting Motivated; Staying Motivated

One of the biggest struggles we all deal with is finding motivation to do things. It’s always exciting starting something new in your life, but what do you do when the “new” becomes the “old” – when things become drab, boring and they are no longer interesting? What happens when there is no more drive?

I’ve seen a lot of this lack of motivation come out over the course of my college career. As I near graduation, it has become daunting to me to even want to finish. When I’m presented with long, drawn out deadlines, it is discouraging to seek out the end. And as I’ve pushed on, I have found it harder and harder to complete things in a timely manner. Now, a lot of this stems from the fact that I have taken so many classes at once, but some of it has been a decrease in motivation as well. I have become less willing to want to fight for the grades anymore, because I have become so burned out.


Here is what I have done to conquer this lack of motivation:

  1. Invested time into planning my week.

I will plan a week at a time so that I can visualize the priorities for that week and what needs to be done. This has allowed me the time I need to get motivated and has helped me get in the right frame of mind to complete assignments.

  1. Setting goals.

Giving myself a goal gives me something to work for. If I have something to work towards, I am more inclined to find motivation to reach that end goal. That end goal serves a purpose for me to finish.

  1. Call to other people.

Turn to other people to find motivation. I cannot do it all on my own so knowing when to lean on other people helps me with the extra boost of motivation that I need.

  1. Change my mindset.

Often times just looking at a situation with a positive frame of mind is motivating in itself. Click here to read up on ways you can change your mindset from a negative one to a positive one.


I hope these tips find a way to help you, whether it be with graduation or simply scheduling more time to hit the gym. We all lose our motivation from time to time, but we have to keep fighting.

We can do it!


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