How to Accept Change

Growing up I have had to adapt to change at a rather rapid rate. Through the shuffling back and forth between Mom’s and Dad’s and the many moves, change was always occurring. I have found adapting to change has been one of my strongest skills. Now, of course this is something that doesn’t happen overnight. It can take years but ultimately, it has set me up to handle so much over time. I have found that my ability to handle change has even allowed me to be more flexible and adapt spur of the moment. This is a skill that stretches far beyond the big matters; it’s associated with the small ones too.

Recently, my school has undergone a transition from an all women’s undergraduate institution to a co-educational undergraduate institution. This has created a huge uproar among the current students as well as the alumna. Now that we are in the second semester of this, it is of course easy to look back and see what went wrong and what went right. But, in all situation where there’s change, you’ll see this happen. As this crazy whirlwind of a time has occurred, I found it was important for me to be a part of it. As I always say, “If you can’t beat them, join them.” So, with that, I packed my bags, moved onto campus and became an RA (resident assistant) to help with the transition. I knew that I couldn’t change the school’s decision and ultimately, I couldn’t stop them from some of the other decisions they were making, but I could serve as a buffer between the school and the students. While this is not a major stance, it’s something. The transition has been hard but we are finally seeing more acceptance and things are settling down.

Sometimes with change, the best thing you can do is to ride the wave of it. That is the very thing I have done with my university’s transition. Change, to some degree, requires acceptance, but it is also understood that change is a lot like Elizabeth Kubler Ross’ five stages of grieving. It takes time to accept so, until then, you just have to ride along with it.


Here are some ways of adapting to change that work for me:

  1. Understand that what is happening will mend, mold and fall into place.

Sometimes, we have to understand that things will fall into place how they should, no matter how much we loath the change occurring.

  1. Recognize what you can control.

During times of change you can feel so out of control. Focusing on what you can control, will help you feel more at ease while so much is changing around you.

  1. Understand that everything happens for a reason.

Through change comes growth. When you alter your point of view and see change as a time for growth, you can start to find acceptance.

  1. Saying is believing

It’s true! Saying is believing. Check out this article for more details on having what you say become your reality.


I hope theses tips and tricks help ease your mind in times of change, just as they have for me! Please feel free to email me at if you have any other tips or tricks that may help our readers.


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