Be You: Love Yourself

You can say “In honor of Valentine’s Day, I found it apropos to talk about something that concerns love. That is, loving yourself. This is something I’m really bad about. I, for the longest time, have struggled to love who I am. I get so caught up in what I see within other people that I forget to recognize what’s inside myself. Instead, I spend time picking myself apart into pieces to individually judge. But, every once in awhile I catch a glimpse of myself that I truly love. It is in those moments that I tell myself I need to do more of that. This week, I resorted to an article called, “16 Simply Ways to Love Yourself Again,” so I can try some tips and tricks with you!

Here is what I learned:

  1. Tell yourself what you love about you.

We tend to hide our amazing qualities from others. Hearing yourself say the things that you genuinely love about YOU will help you become more confident and put a focus on self-love. Then, share those things with others!


  1. Rid yourself of the negativity.

Start from the inside and work out. Try to cleanse your mind of all the negativity. Then, focus on your environment. Start to hang around those that build you up and look at the glass half full.


  1. Reprioritize!

It is very easy to become robotic in life – to simply go through the motions. Every once in a while, take a look at what you have going on in your life and adjust accordingly. Sometimes, a little shifting of your schedule or even the way you look at things will help your overall happiness and give you that refreshment you’re seeking.


  1. Find the happy in each day.

Look for the little hidden wonders all around us. They are there to be seen, we just have to open our eyes a little bit more.


  1. Listen to your gut.

Become one with your intuition. Learn how to trust yourself and validate what you feel to be true.


  1. Love others!

You can’t pour from an empty cup. This step is last, but it is just as important to remember. Loving others helps you to see the love and good within yourself.


When you love yourself first, your world will transform and you will exude that love to others.

Take this Valentine’s Day to love YOU!


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