Accountability is Your Best Friend

I have found over time that if I’m going to do something then I need to put it out into the world. I need other people to hear me so that I almost form a sense of “I have to do this now otherwise I will come off as a liar.” This is known as accountability. In my own experience, I have found, I do what I say I’m going to do because I unintentionally want to build a sense of truth behind all that I say. Just yesterday I was having a conversation with my dad about a book he has been working on for years. He spoke of how he has reflected on his life and is disgruntled that he has not done some of the things he always wanted to do. This list of things was something I had never even heard of. As a result, he said, “I want you to check in with me periodically and make sure I’m working on this book. I don’t have much more to do in my spare time so it is time that I do something I have always wanted to do.” He found a way to hold himself accountable.

Often times being accountable requires other people to hold you accountable. That being said, the first step to accountability is having a strong desire to see something through. This could be that house project you were always eager to complete or those few pounds you have been trying to lose. It could be the organization you have been longing to build or your new perspective on life. Whatever it may be, I challenge you to give these few steps a try:

1. Tell someone!

When you verbalize your goal, you then have a partner who can remind you of it when you’re feeling unmotivated or having a bad day.

2. Keep in sight, in mind.

Use different colored post-its as constant reminders and little spurts of motivation.

3. Set an end goal.

Choose a frame of time that you would like to have your task completed by. This will help you to stay on track.

4. Check in periodically. (Past, Present, Future)

Look back at your end goal frequently to give yourself a boost in excitement and the chance to recognize your progress.

5. Remember to acknowledge your accomplishments no matter how small.

Celebrating the little accomplishments will help you to maintain a positive attitude and upbeat feeling towards your goal.

Good Luck:)


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