A Mirror is a Powerful Tool: What Do You Reflect?

For as crazy as my life can be, so often do I get caught up in a routine. Each morning my alarm sounds, I hit snooze (way too many times), I roll out of bed, turn the coffee maker on and alas, there is no turning back. My day begins whether or not I’m ready. This routine gives me something mindless to do until my mind is actually awake and ready for the day.

I have found that I go through spurts of time where my routine includes doing my hair and makeup up every day and then other spurts of time that include no makeup and a hoodie. It is in these times that I have been able to really step back and see the real me. Upon trying to think of this blog topic, I was starting to go through the motions of my day and what I had to get done. I realized that I was still wearing makeup from a day or two before (gross, I know) and I desperately needed to wash it off. In that moment I realized I didn’t just need to wipe it off, I needed to have a day where I saw the real me. A day where I washed away the mask that I spend so much time hiding behind. A day where I was myself. I know for you men out there, this may not come from taking your makeup off (or even avoiding it all together), but you may experience this in other ways.

It is absolutely empowering when you take the time to step back, look in the mirror and see the true, raw, beauty that is in each and every one of us.

Sometimes I get so caught up in my routine that it disguises the individuality in each day. I become absorbed by my woes and I forget to literally (and figuratively) look in the mirror. I forget to stare further than the face looking back at me. I forget to remind myself of the true me and instead I spend that well-executed and perfectly timed routine with blinders on.

I’ll leave you with a few tips…

Tip #1: Remind yourself of who you are at the core and work outward.

Think about who you are. What do you absolutely love about yourself? Feel the smile on your face as you think about them. Imagine the warmth and passion that you exude when you do those things.

Tip #2: Take a few minutes to simply look in the mirror.

Study everything you possibly can about yourself. Start with your eyes and move down your nose. Follow the lines of your mouth. Proceed to do this with your body. It may feel awkward at first, but there is something so powerful in shutting off the world for a few minutes and looking deep into your own eyes. Evaluate your soul.

Tip #3: Radiate what you’ve just reflected on.

Walk away from the mirror acknowledging what you have just discovered or rediscovered about yourself. Share it with others. It is exciting, after all! Perhaps post about it on social media or create your very own blog. And, if you start to lose sight of who you are again, repeat the above steps.

Remember: There is true, raw, beauty in each and every one of us.


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