“Spin” into this New Year with a Healthy Beet!!

What’s “spinning” in your brain this New Year? It’s you!! It’s time for a New Year, New You. I’m not talking about losing weight or dreaming of a skinnier you. This is about being a stronger, healthier version of yourself. This year, let’s work on choosing healthier snacks, better meals and better food options. Add on working out and you’re set!

As a spinning instructor/nutritionist, I strive to perform better every day. Whether it’s challenging myself in class or sticking to a healthy food routine, I count everything as a success…big or small. Don’t think about the past and how you “could have done better.” I want you to think of now and take every day or even every hour as a successful journey.

If you’re looking for a new routine for 2016, I would recommend a Spinning class. Spinning is more than a kick ass workout. It’s a mind-body connection, yes like yoga, but in a more energetic atmosphere. You are focused on your body’s ability to be better and stronger. And, that’s an accomplishment to be proud of!

How do you get started with the spinning workout routine? First, register for a class and tell yourself you are ready to work out hard. You may have to push yourself to go – do not make excuses why you can’t. Drag a friend with you, or be brave and go yourself!

When I am teaching, it’s my time to let go of everything else and focus only on my class. I don’t even think about myself. I think of how I can challenge the group. I want to build up everyone’s confidence so they continue to come back and work harder each time – helping them know that they can do it!

Let me help get you ready for your first class:

  • Wear something fun and fitting to class – not baggy pants and a t-shirt.
  • Pack a towel and a water bottle. You’ll need them!
  • Do not use your phone at all during class – it’s distracting to others and to yourself.
  • Leave the chit chat for after class (if you can talk you’re not working hard enough).

It takes more than one class to keep a routine going. Don’t get discouraged with your first class, allowing it to keep you from coming back. You have to work for it and you will get better each class!  Make a commitment to stick to it. Spinning does not give you big legs. It tones your body and gives you a high intensity, low impact, cardio workout. You’ll build up strength and cardiovascular endurance. Because Spinning is high intensity, you will reach your max heart rate and find the effects of the After Burn – which means your body will continue to burn calories all the way through the day after class. Who doesn’t want that??!!

It is important to refuel after class so you can build more lean body mass, retain less fat and recover faster. Here are some of my favorite post-spinning snacks:

  • Green Apple with Raw All Natural Peanut Butter
  • Carrots and All Natural Hummus
  • Raw Nuts (Cashew are my favorite)
  • Lara Bars (All natural fruit, nuts, and unsweetened chocolate)
  • Unsweetened Almond Milk Smoothie with frozen berries

My New Year’s health goals are to gain back control of my eating. I have made too many excuses the past couple months. I will accomplish this by staying focused on my health and my commitment to myself. There is always time to improve yourself in and out of the gym. Think of the gym as an added accessory to your health! Do not make losing weight a priority because, more than likely, it won’t happen. The weight will come off on its own once you start taking care of yourself.  

Stop procrastinating each year or setting the same goals. Think about what you really want out of your health and fitness and reach those big goals by setting small goals to get you there!

This New Year, spin your health around into a BETTER VERSION OF YOU.

–Leah Glass, Nutritionist/Spinning Instructor

Phone: 814-322-7804  ⁄⁄  Facebook  ⁄⁄  Click here and attend one of my Spinning classes!


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