Do You Need to Simplify Your Life?


When I went camping over Labor Day weekend, there was a moment where we were all sitting around the campfire talking and enjoying the moment. A thought came to mind and I had to run away for a minute and write it down so I remembered to share it with you all! That thought was: While camping, we had just the bare minimum and we were so happy. The clothing we needed for just those three days, baked beans, hotdogs, disposable plates and silverware, instant coffee, and I did a NO technology weekend.

That being said, we were all so content and it was the most refreshing feeling as well. When you go camping or have a nice escape for the weekend, ask yourself WHY it was an “escape” to you and why you felt so refreshed. After reflecting on that, try and make some appropriate changes in your life. In this specific example, it means simplying my life more often. Technology cleanses…Donating the clothes I don’t need…Being grateful for the luxury of having a roof over my head…Setting aside more time to sit and talk with family and friends!

What thoughts does that bring to your mind? Do you need to simplify? Do you need to incorporate more of what makes you happy into your everyday life?

– Jen

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