How to Take Your First Step Into the Unknown

Yes, the unknown can be scary. But, it is even scarier when you surrender to that unknown – allowing it to hold you down…allowing it to trap you where you’re at in life. Take the leap. Allow whatever is “unknown” to come into the light. Even if it’s an outcome you do not like, you are freeing yourself and can then continue exploring, growing and developing – experiencing new and exciting things in this crazy life!

How do you take that first step into the unknown?

  1. Ask yourself what it is you are looking to figure out. What is it that you truly want? What would you want if the “unknown” wasn’t so scary?
  2. Ask yourself what will happen if the outcome is exactly what you want it to be. Now, ask yourself what will happen if the outcome is what you feared all along…your worst nightmare. Do you believe that you will be OK no matter what?
  3. Choose one small course of action you can take to work toward overcoming your fear of the unknown. I would suggest speaking with someone who has had a similar journey to the one you are looking to embark on. You know they have faced their fears and have turned out just fine!

That’s the important thing – you HAVE to know and trust that no matter what happens, you will be just fine. I, personally, have had situations flip my world completely upside down. However, what gets me through every difficulty and helps me overcome every fear is KNOWING – being 100% certain – that I will be just fine. You must believe that in order to become courageous.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or if you need a little boost to get started. I’ve got your back and believe that you can do it. Make it happen!

– Jen

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