Three Ways to Help Prevent Public Speaking Anxiety

The majority of our society absolutely fears public speaking. But, I believe everyone possesses the abilities to deliver a bold and effective presentation. It just takes preparation and practice. Here are three ways to help prevent public speaking anxiety…

1. Know Your Content & Practice, Practice, Practice!

The more familiar you are with the material you are presenting, the more comfortable you will be talking about it in front of a group of people. Become so familiar with your content that all you need is a PowerPoint or a visual for those who are listening so that they may follow along with your main points.

Practice your presentation over and over and over again. This will help you present in a more conversational tone, rather than robotic and rehearsed.

2. Breathing & Body

When we experience anxiety or stress, our bodies naturally tighten up, restricting our breathing. Your breaths become shorter and shorter. This leads to the shaky voice, hives and sweaty palms!

Before a presentation and even before each time you practice, make sure you are taking nice, deep breaths – in and out. Do this until your whole body becomes relaxed.

Finally, be aware of your body. Make sure you are standing nice and tall! Not only will a strong posture help with steady breathing, but also with confidence and a bold presentation!

3. Reassure Yourself

Many times, we dread public speaking because we are worried about what other people think. You have to remind yourself that you are in front of that group for a reason – because you deserve to be. Take a look at the majority of circumstances where someone would need to speak in front of others. If you are a manager, you are speaking to others because you are a leader. You deserve to be standing in front of your colleagues/employees. If you are an employee presenting the monthly report, they hired you for a reason. You deserve to be providing your coworkers/boss with company updates. You may be speaking to your college classmates. You got accepted into that college and worked for it. You deserve to be presenting to your peers, taking one more step toward your degree.

Reassure yourself that you are speaking to that specific group for a reason. Own it!

If you need help preparing for a presentation or another type of speaking engagement, click here to connect. I would love to work with you one and one to get you ready for the big day!

– Jen

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