Courage: Uncomfortable Situations Are No Fun

“Courage is like a muscle; it is strengthened by its use.”



Wow, is this quote true. Sure, it is much more appealing to avoid uncomfortable situations, keep still waters and not cause waves. We have all been on the end of a situation that challenges us – whether it be a personal conflict, an unhealthy friendship or romantic relationship in our lives, or family matter. But, have you ever been on the end where you experience the amazing sense of relief, pride or accomplishment after demonstrating courage and facing your fears?

Before you make a big decision and take action, plan ahead as best you can. Walk through the different outcomes in your mind so that you can prepare yourself for what may happen. If it means traveling to a location you’re thinking of relocating to and living there for a few weeks before committing, do so.  If it means writing something down before you have a difficult conversation with someone, do so. If it means job shadowing somewhere else for a few days before leaving your current job, do so. Make sure you think things through before acting – allow time to build confidence and substance to support your decision. However, don’t wait so long and allow your “planning” time to become “procrastination” time. Sure, unpredictable things may happen, but during those times is also when you learn some of the most valuable lessons and build character.

The decision you make may come with results that cause you or others emotional hurt, confusion, etc… but, you have to ask yourself two things – whether it be a professional or personal difficulty you’re facing – “What is the healthiest decision for me?” and “Aren’t I creating more pain and struggle for myself by remaining in this circumstance long-term, versus going through the temporary pain and struggle throughout my journey of defeating this circumstance?”

The more you practice using your courage, the stronger you’ll become. You begin to trust yourself on a whole new level.

You got this!

– Jen

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