It Can Wait… #TeamSleep

Sleep is so important. As an entrepreneur, I honestly used to feel cool and productive when I got little to no sleep. How silly is that?? Yes, I was “getting stuff done,” but how exhausted and aloof was I the next day because of it? Eventually, it becomes counterproductive because you will burn out. Depriving yourself of sleep is irresponsible and unhealthy – and I’ve been in that boat too many times, believe me!

1. Time Management: Plan your days out ahead of time so that you’re not feeling the need to stay awake during the night to get things done. And, if you don’t get everything done? Keep reading…

2. It Can Wait“: I love the slogan for texting and driving, “It can wait.” I do believe this mentality also applies to our lives when we feel the need to deprive ourselves of sleep so that we can accomplish more. Understand that it can wait 8 more hours. Go to bed!

We have to take care of ourselves so we can function at our best! Let’s do this. #TEAMSLEEP

– Jen

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