MAC: Message, Audience, Content

Whether it’s a company, high school or college presentation, the general preparation is the same. Of course, depending on the topic, requirements and many other factors, the actual presentation will go differently. Let me introduce you to the MAC process to help you get started.

Message, Audience, Content

1.) Message: You must first establish a clear understanding of the message you wish to convey in your presentation. Perhaps your professor wants you to present a basic business plan in your Intro to Business course. Maybe your boss wants you to present the monthly statistics for your department. Know your topic, but do not start creating your content yet. Stick with me here…

2.) Audience: Once you have a solid understanding of the message you need to deliver, you then analyze your target audience. Ninety percent of the time, a presentation is given to a group so that THEY can benefit from it – it’s for the audience, not the speaker. While the speaker is the center of attention for that period of time, those listening should be the focus.

3.) Content: Once you know your specific message and are familiar with your target audience, you can then begin creating your content. Are you presenting to a classroom full of students with a sense of humor? Think of some fun jokes to incorporate into your message so they remain interested and have a good time while learning. Are you presenting to a room full of coworkers who often claim to be “know-it-alls”? Allow them the opportunity to answer questions and speak up during your presentation – they’ll feel involved and important.

Of course, there is much more that follows the three steps above; however, they are a great guideline to getting started! And, remember, the more you prepare for a presentation, the stronger your confidence and delivery. You got this!

– Jen

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