Goals for 2015? Pace Yourself.

I recently interviewed Author and International Mentor to Entrepreneurs, Mark Sephton, on my podcast “On Fire to Inspire.” We discussed Mark’s latest book, “#InsideJob” and also talked about some of the key factors that contribute to achieving your goals.

“Breaks lead to breakthroughs.” That quote has stuck with me since my interview with Mark and has inspired this very blog post. (Thank you, Mark!)

As we enter 2015, all over social media you read of the countless goals being set, which I think it fantastic! However, you’ll see me post time and time again that your mentality is everything when setting goals and one thing you have to plan for is how to pace yourself. Starting January 1st, we now have 365 days to accomplish things and you may have many things on your list. But, make sure to avoid a burnout. Pacing yourself will allow for strong endurance, strategic thinking and a better success rate. Picture this: you’re about to embark on a 5 mile run. As soon as your front door opens, you bolt outside and run full speed with absolutely everything you’ve got. Before the 2nd mile, your hands are on your knees and you’re ready to take a seat on the curb.

Pace yourself.

Another important thing to remember is that when setting goals you’ll have enough outside factors working against you – the last thing you need is to get in your own way! Don’t self-destruct. Yes, you may slip up on your diet for a few days. You may delay studying for your certification to advance your career. You may cancel a business meeting to go out with your buddies. Those decisions happen, but when it becomes a habit, you have to step back and honestly ask yourself, “Am I tapping out or fighting another round?” Just because you start to fall off the wagon when working toward a goal, doesn’t mean you can’t hold on for dear life and pull yourself back on. Too often, when we make a mistake on our journey, we think we’ve failed ourselves and we give up. Rather, accept that you got distracted or made a poor decision, put a new focus face on and get back in the game!

Pace yourself, build your endurance, make it happen!

– Jen


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