No, You Can’t.

No, you can’t have all the answers – none of us have all the answers.

Today, I posted an inspirational picture with these words, “Live. Learn. Apply. Repeat.” Tonight, I needed some inspiration for a blog post, so I decided to look through a quote book my mom got me for Christmas. Sure enough, the second page I turned to said this,

“You cannot have all the answers before you make the journey. The journey is what gives you the answers and develops new questions.” – Anonymous

I think the theme for today is to LIVE and LEARN. Look, I know we all act like we have the answers, but the truth is…no one does! Those who appear confident are the ones who step out, conquer their fears, apply the lessons learned, and keep moving forward. They’re even more confident for what they approach next in life. It becomes exciting…thrilling!

I know it’s scary to embark on a journey when you have to sacrifice and risk a lot – especially when you don’t have the answers. And, yes, there is the possibility that things won’t work out how you thought. But, you know what? At least you tried and know how to adjust your sails. Sometimes you win and sometimes you LEARN. Failing should be looked at as succeeding. Yes, that sounds crazy, but having that perspective will create an unstoppable mentality and no matter what, you’ll rise above! You’ll apply your lessons learned and set yourself up for the win next time.

Don’t worry about having all the answers. Take the leap. Trust yourself. Build your character. And, most importantly, enjoy the ride!

– Jen

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