Settle for Less or Strive for More?

It hurts my heart knowing how many people out there are settling in life.  At one time or another, we all reach a point in our lives where we need to ask ourselves: Do I settle for less or strive for more?

I’m sure you’ve heard the cliché phrase, “Taking risks is scary,” but, you don’t truly feel that fear until you’re in that situation yourself.  Striving for more involves a lot of intimidating factors such as:  relocation; parting ways with a loved one; financial risk; or leaving a job.  All of these factors push you out of your comfort zone, but that is where the magic happens!  Let’s rewind to that last sentence and focus on that phrase, “Outside of your comfort zone is where the magic happens.”  That statement is solely based on perspective.  Some people find it to be pure torture when they can’t predict or control what will happen, or when they have the possibility of encountering failure.  See, I find those unpredictable circumstances to be the most exhilarating and rewarding of all!  Sure, it’s not fun to be rejected or to voluntarily put yourself in a position where you’re financially unstable – but the strength and growth that stems from those exact situations are priceless and because of those uncomfortable situations, you find yourself one step closer to your goal!

If you’re ready to take that next step… ready to choose more and stop settling for less, here are some helpful tips:

  • It is crucial to build yourself a support network.  Sure, having one or two people who will play “devil’s advocate” and challenge you in the right places is great – but, you NEED people who will encourage you to take risks and have your back at all times.  Ask five people to be a part of this support network.  If you don’t have five people to ask, choose two.  You already have one person in your network… ME!  I’m here and I believe in you.  Click here and email me if needed.  I mean that!
  • Find a mentor – someone who has “been there done that” and can serve as a resource to you while you’re on your journey.  This should be someone who has reached the level of success you wish to reach in a similar field or industry.  For example: If you want to become a CEO, find someone who is currently CEO of a similar business and reach out to them.  Or if you want to become a professional back-up dancer, find someone who is doing just that and ask them to mentor you or to share some tips with you on how they got started
  • Make a verbal and/or written commitment to yourself.  Look in the mirror and say out loud your new vision and goals.  Also, write down your goals and place them where only you can find them to refer to.  Create a pact with yourself and make it a big deal.  You’re choosing more for your life… that’s a big deal!  Take pride in that.
  • Time is valuable.  Time is experience.  You must get started and go from there!  An important thing to acknowledge from the start is that you will have to make adjustments along the way… and that’s totally normal!  Your journey will not be a perfectly straight path from start to finish – it’s not that easy and you’ll have to choose different paths at different times.  There will never be a perfect place and time to start, but it’s like forcing baby birds to fly…the only way to leave the nest is to jump and let your wings catch you!

You can do this.  There is so much to learn about and explore in life and, yes, you may have certain factors that are causing you to question if you should take that leap or not (such as kids, education, money, or location), but don’t let those factors be an anchor.  You create a plan that can incorporate and/or work around those factors!

Will you settle for less or strive for more?

— Jen






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