You Have 30 Seconds

Insert your first and last name in the blank… “Who is ______?”  If someone asked you to describe who you are in 30 seconds, could you do it?

It can be particularly easy to lose yourself in this crazy world.  Knowing who you are – everything from your beliefs and passions, to your favorite color and animal – is extremely important in building self-confidence.  All of those little things about yourself add up to who you are as a person.  It’s like building a puzzle – each little piece put together is what creates the big picture.  Ask yourself this: How can you invest your confidence in something you know nothing about?

You can do this “30-Second Challenge” with different areas of your life.  For example:  In 30 seconds, tell me about your religious beliefs;  In 30 seconds, tell me what you love about yourself;  In 30 seconds, tell me what you do for a living;  In 30 seconds, tell me where you want to be this time next year.

Breaking things down to a 30-second explanation helps you strongly and confidently identify with something about yourself.  So, if you’re feeling insecure in certain areas of your life, try sitting down, writing out everything you can pertaining to that area, and then compile it into a strong and confident 30-second statement.  It may take some “getting to know yourself” before you can give that 30-second explanation and that’s OK!

You’re worth getting to know!

— Jen



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