Special Feature: “Meet Candice”

Candice and Athena--pic in green dressHi!

My name is Candice Camacho and I’ve had a fulfilling career in entertainment as a professional dancer, model, actress, yoga teacher, public speaker and a TV Host!

My most important title/job is becoming a new mother! In addition to being a first time mom, I also run a blog and YouTube web-series called “DivasDish.” I also teach yoga and Host an AfterbuzzTV show for Lifetime’s hit show Dance Moms!

The “DivasDish” started out as a vegetarian cooking show. However, since having a child 8 months ago, the brand is evolving! The year 2013 was a HUGE year for me, as I became a new mom and new wife. Therefore, I’m re-branding myself to NewMomNewWifeNewLife.com. I plan on expanding to more of a lifestyle show for new moms! I’d love to create a community for moms to receive support on all different topics including: fitness, food, and how to keep up with the balancing act. I’m planning to launch this brand mid-summer!

So, a little about me!

I grew up in Kansas City Missouri. I LOVE my family and we were and still are very close. I started performing at a very young age. My mom said she wanted to keep me out of trouble, so she kept me VERY busy! I was involved in dance, specifically ballet.

As a child I knew I wanted to do something out of the box. When I was growing up, whatever all the other kids were doing I literally RAN the other way. I had no time for boys, as I thought they were a time waster. I knew that I had “places to go and people to see.” When I was in 7th grade, I remember saying to my Dad, “Wouldn’t it be awesome to dance for people AND GET PAID?” I’ve always felt an inner fire within me burning steady to push me forward. It’s important to me to use God’s gifts that he has given to me. It’s also been important in my life to love what I do for work. I didn’t want to go to work just for my paycheck – I knew that I HAD to find a way to get paid for what I love to do. I wanted to “live to work” and not the other way around and I’ve always had the “entrepreneur spirit.”

After I graduated college, I decided to put my dancing skills to the test. I didn’t really want to get a 9-5 in Marketing, which is the degree I graduated with. I wanted to dance and live a different life. I remember thinking that I have no idea what will happen, but I just know something will work out! So, I packed up my stuff and drove cross country – first stop…Las Vegas! I ended up auditioning for the largest stage show there, Jubilee, and got hired 3 days later! I had a very fulfilling career in Vegas and got to dance for Bette Midler and also got to be on such shows as The Oprah Winfrey Show, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and The Today Show!

I soon tired of the scene in Sin City and had plans of moving west to L.A. I decided to pursue my long time dream of TV. Why settle? I want “The Big Dream” so I started taking classes with the infamous hosting coach in L.A, Marki Costello. I’d leave Vegas at 2pm, take classes in Santa Monica from 7-10, and then drive back to Vegas to be at work the next day! Crazy! I did all the planning I could, saved money, worked on my materials, and envisioned my dream.

The big moving day was Nov 15, 2013. I found out on Nov 16 that I was pregnant with baby Athena James! Wow! Change was coming in more ways than I had ever IMAGINED. Like I said earlier, 2013 was a BIG year. I got a new baby AND a new husband!

I defiantly found myself in unchartered territory. Life is all about how you adapt to the change that is handed you. I had a chance to re-write my dream and now it includes a baby and a handsome husband! Throughout my pregnancy and the last 9 months, I’ve taken breaks on my career. I feel that life comes in seasons and this is the season of mostly caring for my young child.

How do I do ALL of this???

I used to make a schedule and could manage my time very wisely. However, having a newborn, that is not the case anymore! Every day is different and some are more challenging than others. I have learned to multitask, entertaining Athena and trying to get back in shape! After I get home from a workout, it becomes a bit more challenging, as I’m trying to get a shower, feed myself, feed her, and then put her down for a nap. Sometimes, this process takes hours! During her naps, I whip out my computer again and work on social media, blogging, editing, or deciding what my next webisode will be about. Sometimes, I only get to work on my computer for like 5 minute intervals! Somewhere in the midst of all this, I try and clean, make dinner, and put on make-up. Yes, some days are very frustrating and I don’t really get anything done. Sometimes, I just have a “baby” day and forget being productive and enjoy life!

How do I keep pushing?

When I’m trying to find strength in my life to persevere I say, “Candice, you were put on earth to experience joy. You have only one life and one time on earth. You need to make it count.” I’ve learned to rely on my faith in God for my inner strength. I know that He wants me to be successful and have peace. I know that He wants me to be extraordinary in ALL aspects of my life. I do my best, but that’s certainly not to say that I do not ever have a bad, unproductive day…because I do! Life is not always an “up” but the good thing about a bad day is that tomorrow is another day – you can rewrite it from the beginning! Now that I have a husband and new baby, they really help me with finding my inner strength. I know I’m blessed to have a beautiful family. It’s very important to me to be a great example for my daughter Athena, so that I can guide her to be an independent, educated, strong young woman.

I love my life. It’s different than how I imagined…it’s better! I actually NEVER imagined being a mother, but my baby has changed me and I feel like life makes more sense now.  Athena makes me what to be a better person and a great example to her in every area of life. I try and take each day as it comes and always see the joy.

You have the power to write your own story! That power starts the day you are born. It is about how you shape your life with the tools you have.

Find me on Facebook and subscribe to my blog at www.divasdish.com!







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