Are You?

We are not responsible for anyone’s actions but our own – I get that.  But, I do believe our actions influence other’s actions…and that’s a responsibility we all need to become more aware of.

I was reflecting a bit today and a neat analogy came to me.  Just like a parent monitors the words and actions they expose their children to, we should – to some extent – monitor the words and actions we expose those around us to.  Just like parents strive to be role models for their kids, we should strive to be role models to those around us.

Here’s a scenario – I’m sure you can relate to this or something similar!

»»»  You go into work and you’re in a pretty good mood.  Then, you hear your co-worker complaining in the cubicle next to you all morning.  Come lunch time, your mood has gone from good to “blah”.  Sure, you could choose to stay positive and block out your co-worker’s bad vibes, but, we all know at times that can be difficult – especially if it’s 5 days a week!

The point?  Not putting full blame on the co-worker, but if you’re someone who typically takes on a negative perspective, you project that into your environment and onto those around you.  Try to be more aware of your actions and words because it influences others way more than you think.  Would you rather be perceived as the negative co-worker or as the co-worker who helps others get through the work day?

Would you rather be remembered as the impatient and unruly customer in the Verizon store – even possibly ruining the employee’s day – or an example of patience and understanding to the customers in the line behind you?

You have the opportunity to influence everyone you encounter during your day.  Whether it be through a smile, through a positive perspective, by turning down the chance to gossip, or whatever it may be.  Think of it as your responsibility to humanity!  Are you a role model?

– Jen

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