Special Feature: “Meet Corey”

CoreyWhen Jennifer reached out and said she would be obliged if I was featured on her site, I was clearly flattered, and responded with an emphatic “Yes!”  See, when a trailblazer like Jen asks you do to something, you don’t respond with any answer other than, “Of course.”

Hello, my name is Corey Chalumeau, Founder of Aestheticallyinspired.com and Menswear Style Contributor for Ebony.com, and this is my journey.

Let’s get right to it; shortly before I found my niche in advertising and journalism, I was like most young adults in our generation:  graduating from college with lots of ambition and hopes for a big-time job, only to be met with constant rejection and little respect for this pretty little paper (my degree) that I posses.  But like most things in life, aside from the rejection, there was a clear lesson being learned.

I had grown content with waiving my degree and applying for jobs online in full-belief that this was the way you got hired.  However, after a month or so of that strategy clearly not working, it was time to smarten up and talk to people who truly understood the game.  This  led me to my first mentor and my first gig.  See, when you open your heart and mind, and lessen your ego, it’s amazing what you can learn.

Shortly after networking my butt off, I got my first job in advertising.  But, this wasn’t just any first job – our client was the biggest beer brand in the world: Bud Light.  This meant expectations were through the roof!  After working tirelessly to meet client expectations, my boss chose to send me to the Super Bowl (excited much?).  Well, the rest is history.  From there I was able to take my talents to another agency (leveraging my past experience), built a small consulting business, and began to hone my craft in writing about men’s style with a national publication.

My mentor reminds me whenever she can, “Keep TWO trains running.”  This simply means: if you only have one form of revenue, or if you’re using only one of your God-given talents to achieve success, then you’re doing yourself a disservice.  Remind yourself that you can do more than one thing!  You’re working a 9-5, great, but what about after that?  Are you taking any classes to better yourself?  How are you getting better daily?  Ask yourself those questions to keep yourself honest. Other than that, as my close friend would say, #keepworkin.

Corey Chalumeau • Founder of Aestheticallyinspired.com • Menswear Style Contributor for Ebony.com • Connect with Corey on Twitter: @MrAestheticCJC

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