Special Feature: “Meet Chancelor”

ChanceI was very honored when Jennifer asked me to be a part of this feature on her site.  She really inspires and pushes me to be great through her work ethic and accomplishments.  My name is Chancelor Humphrey, and I am the Founder of www.radiochumps.com  Pittsburgh’s Digital Lifestyle Magazine.

I wanted to create a positive site, which showcased local/independent businesses and interesting people in Pittsburgh, PA; with a focus on style, culture, and art.  I’ve created an outlet to feature boutiques, designers, restaurants, artists, and innovators.  The content of the website is clean, informative, and entertaining and our editorials focus on exceptional writers and their personal take on happenings in today’s culture.  Most importantly, our site is a place in which everyone involved can have a creative outlet to use the gifts they were blessed with.

I started this site last March – no one knew who we were and what our site was about.  Now, RadioChumps is one of the “go to” lifestyle sites in the city, with 4,000 plus hits a month.  It has certainly been a journey!  Like with chasing any dream, you go through ups and downs.  You have doubts, depressing moments, exciting moments, mistakes, disappointments, etc…But, if there is one thing I’ve learned on this journey, it’s you have to see the good and bad moments as an experience – an experience that is going to guide you and allow you to become the best possible version of yourself.

Don’t let the fear of failure and mistakes hold you back from chasing your dreams, because failure is inevitable.  It sounds so cliché, but I believe a positive attitude really does make the difference.  In whatever we pursue in life, we are going to experience failure along the way.  Having a positive outlook allows you to ask, “What can I learn from this?” rather than being discouraged by it.  By reacting positively, you’ve turned the situation into an experience; you can step outside of yourself (not literally of course!) and analyze what happened.  Then, you can learn from it – so, hopefully, it won’t happen again – and move on…you can’t change it!  It’s definitely a little easier said than done, right?  Well, there is one thing that helps…and that’s prayer.  I’m a Christian, but whatever your beliefs, just pray.  Prayer changes things.

Jennifer used the following analogy in one of her early “A Breath of Fresh Air” videos; look at your dream/vision literally as a road trip.  Your destination (vision) is a real place, because you can see it on your map (your mind). Of course, with any journey you’re going to hit potholes, bumps, and bad weather (mistakes, fear, failure, etc…), but if you stick to the map, you are guaranteed to reach your destination.  So, stick to it and continue to believe in your vision and dream.  It’s really there, you just haven’t arrived yet!

Chancelor Humphrey

Founder of RadioChumps • Pittsburgh’s Digital Lifestyle Magazine •  www.radiochumps.com


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