Pause, ReMIND, Play!

pauseExperiencing something new – whether it’s a toy, accessory, or a new environment – is a great feeling!  However, as humans, that “new” feeling tends to fade away and we soon find ourselves bored and ready to make another change, just so we can experience that exciting feeling again.  Let’s refer to that feeling as “the thrill.”

The desire to feel the thrill again can be deceiving and if you’re someone who makes speedy decisions, like me (cough, cough), it can be a dangerous thing!  Why?  Because as soon as we’re bored and ready for the thrill again, we automatically think that what we currently have isn’t good enough anymore – and a change is in immediate order!  But, that’s not always the case.  Sometimes, we just need to remind ourselves what gave us that the thrill in the first place.

So, let’s practice “Pause, ReMIND, Play!”  Don’t get me wrong, change is a good thing.  However, it’s important to realize if you’re making a change for the right reasons or if you are simply seeking the thrill again.  The “Pause, ReMIND, Play!” tool can help you during this time.

1.) Pause:  Analyze where you’re at and what gave you this feeling for change.  Write things down if needed!  Also, make sure to write down why you think you need a change.

2.) ReMIND:  Take yourself back to when you made your last decision for change and what made you feel the thrill.  Was it your surroundings?  Your circle of friends?  Your personal lifestyle?  Make note of everything that made you happy with your decision and REMIND yourself of these things.

3.) Play:  After revisiting what made you happy with your last change, and reminding yourself of these exciting things, bring those elements back into play!  We often forget the little things that make us happy as soon as we struggle or are challenged along the way.  Remind yourself of the positive things where you’re at, with what you have.  Rekindle the thrill and play on!

– Jen

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