A Couple Cars Ahead

drivingWhen I was learning how to drive (at the age of 18, because those were the family rules!), I’ll never forget something my Dad repeated over and over as he calmly sat in the passenger seat – bless his heart.  “Don’t just focus on the car in front of you – look a couple cars ahead.”

This driving advice has prevented many “bumper car” incidents!  But, in all seriousness, I believe this tip makes for an awesome life analogy!  Living life, day by day, it’s great to enjoy the present moments – focusing on the car in front of you.  But, you also want to prepare for the future – focusing on a couple cars ahead.

How focusing on a couple cars ahead can help:

  • You’re better prepared in the event that you need to stop and adjust.
  • You can quickly change gears and keep “driving” forward!
  • You can avoid an accident.
  • You learn how to balance the present and the future, using this to your advantage so that you may “drive” through life more cautiously, yet effectively.

So, when making plans for your life, focus on both the present AND future.  Remembering to focus a little further down the road will help you set yourself up for success!

– Jen

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