Hi! I’m Human.

silhouetteSocial networks such as Facebook give us the great pleasure of posting all of the wonderful things that are happening in our lives – it is fun and not to mention healthy, to celebrate the good moments and invite others to celebrate with us!  However, without disclosing your very personal information (because I believe some things are absolutely meant to be kept private), I do believe it’s important to express yourself during your vulnerable moments because that’s what makes us relate to each other as human beings.  It’s humbling.  By sharing some of your personal experiences and vulnerability with others, you may be reaching out to someone across the country or even in your own neighborhood who truly needs to hear your message – who is going through something similar or may know someone who is.

While I’m extremely thankful to have had such a smooth relocation, a roof over my head, a loving family and soul mate, and good health…that doesn’t mean I’m not human and don’t experience severe homesickness, financial difficulty, and some downright horrible days!  However, I choose to smile and find the good in every situation – while acknowledging and dealing with the bad.  It’s all about balance.

One thing I’ve realized along this journey so far is that it is so important to have a faith – a faith in something.  I believe in God.  I cannot tell you how God has been there for me as my Comforter, Provider, and Protector over the last several weeks.

“Be Still…and know that I am God.” – Psalm 46:10

Just know, while you may see and hear about so much of the good that’s happening in my life through social networking and whatnot, I still encounter some pretty tough times myself – and I’m sharing this with you not for sympathy or a huge pity party, but to stress to you and let you know that we are in this together!  It’s so important for you to have a healthy outlet to help you get through your tough times.  Maybe it is your faith, relationships with others, or even blogging!  I turn to my faith in God.  My faith that He has a plan for me so much bigger than I can imagine and that sometimes I have to just be still, let go, and let God.

Thanks for reading and sharing in this personal release and moment in time with me!

– Jen

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