How Bad Do You Want It?

I had to share this video.  He is one of the most amazing motivational speakers I’ve ever heard!  He incorporates humor while conveying his message in a bold way – which is a great combo for high school students!  Most importantly, he speaks from personal experience.

One of my favorite quotes at the end of this video is, “You will never be successful until I don’t have to give you a dime to do what you do.”  Isn’t that the truth, huh?  Some people are so driven by money.  Don’t get me wrong, money is a wonderful thing and it relieves a lot of stress in life, but what happens when all of that money is gone?  What gives you happiness when your money, material things, and/or status are stripped away?

Your passion and purpose are two things that no one can take away from you – they’re sacred.  Passion + purpose are the main ingredients for a delicious dish called, HAPPINESS!  Keep pushing forward and chasing your dreams.  You have a purpose in this world!

– Jen

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