Your “Grocery List” for Life

Grocery list

Do you keep a grocery list on your refrigerator and add to it every time you come across something else you’ll need on your next run?  Picture this…

You decide it’s “that time” to go to the store to get some household items.  You head out to the store with no grocery list – you got this!  When you get there, you know there are certain items you’re forgetting so you walk up and down each aisle to try and remember.  Or, like me, you may stand there and visualize every room and cabinet of your house or apartment until you have that “ah ha!” moment.  Finally, you make your way to the checkout line, out the door, and back to home-sweet-home.   As you’re unpacking the groceries you remember that ONE THING you needed most…and it’s back at the store where you never bought it.  Dang it!

Let’s hit rewind…

You decide it’s “that time” to go to the store to get some household items – you grab your grocery list off of the refrigerator and out the door you go!  You get to the store and head straight to pick up the veggie tray you need for tomorrow.  Next, over to the paper products to get your toilet paper and paper towels.  Can’t forget the toothpaste, deodorant and cat litter!  As you glance down at your list, you see the last item…a birthday card for Mom’s party tomorrow!  Whew…

My point is – and I think we all have experienced this – if you already know what you want, why not create a strategy and avoid wasting time walking in circles?  Whether it’s a trip to the store or your journey in life – your destination in life may be a new career, relocation, or maybe to find “the one”.  But, if you have no game plan, you will quickly become exhausted, frustrated, and lose sight of your goal.  Why not create a strategy or “grocery list” to help you remember what you’ll need in order to accomplish your goals in life?

“Organize your life around your dreams and watch them come true!” – Anonymous

– Jen

2 thoughts on “Your “Grocery List” for Life

  1. being a list person myself, I LOVE this blog. Actually, my daughter (your sister, Liz) and I are going to make our “vision boards” tomorrow night. Thanks, honey, for the inspiration you are to those of us who already love you and those who are just meeting your awesome beauty! mom

    1. Thank you so much! Your support means the world to me and I’m thrilled you both are starting your vision boards. It’s such a fun thing to do with someone else, and a great way to have an accountability partner!

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