Self Control

YogaI think we all can agree that life downright sucks at times.  I am probably one of the most optimistic people you will ever meet, but even I sometimes want to throw in the towel.

“In the midst of movement and chaos, keep stillness inside of you.”  That quote has changed much of my perspective on life.  My sister gave me a picture with that quote on it a couple of years ago and it’s gone from hanging in my bedroom at my parents’ house, to my work office, to my new apartment, and it’s staying with me as I continue on my journey through life.  If you put those words into practice, you will discover the power you have over your thoughts.  And once you can control your thoughts, actions are soon to follow.

Ever gone through a tough time in life?  Death in the family?  Divorce?  Horrible breakup?  School or family troubles?  As much as you don’t want anything but to crawl in a hole, blame God, or push away those closest to you…practice keeping stillness inside of you.  I know, sounds way easier said than done…believe me, I know.  But also know that everything will work out, and not to sound harsh, but life WILL move on.  So why not adjust our sails and ride the waves, right?

Do me this favor…

If you’re currently going through a rough time, or if you encounter some tough times in the future, try your hardest to take a step back – even if it means going away by yourself for a few days – and think about your situation without any distractions.  Lay it out.  What is the problem or circumstance that is causing stress or pain?  How can you deal with this situation in a healthy manner?  How can you grow from this situation?

No one can steal your peace from within.  It’s all yours!  By keeping stillness inside of you, no matter how chaotic life can get, you will make rational and healthy decisions.  Your life is a direct reflection of your choices and behaviors.


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