Organized Thoughts = Organized Actions

CalendarIt can be hard to stay on track with long-term goals because many times we get discouraged, impatient, or simply lose sight of those goals.  I find myself to be a very organized person, but strategizing is one of my weaker points.  Being that I’m currently working toward a long-term goal, strategizing my priorities to achieve this goal has brought my weakness to the forefront!  So, it was time for me to create a way to keep myself on track and here’s what I found to work…

Calendars have become my best friend.  I use several calendars – each serving a different purpose.  Organized thoughts = organized actions.  I keep appointment reminders and “to-do” lists in my phone, as well as any random thoughts throughout the day that I’ll need to remember at a later point.  Then, I bought a larger calendar (one like you’ll see in the picture above) where I keep any major events and/or priorities.  This is where I’ve also started mapping out my ”game plan” for the upcoming month.  Setting an agenda for myself.  By doing this, it helps me see the big picture.  A clear vision.

Finally, and what I think is the most important thing, is holding yourself accountable to your progress.  At the end of each day, I write down what I did that day to work toward my goal – even the smallest thing like, “got 2 new Followers on Twitter.”  That may sound funny to you, but it really works!  Now, I’m not saying give yourself a huge pat on the back for getting 2 Twitter Followers, but you certainly want to keep yourself motivated and if that means writing down the smallest progress, you do that!  By looking back at your progress and recording each day, you hold yourself accountable.  You have to be honest with yourself and ask if you’re truly giving 100% and the proof is in the pudding…right there on that progress list at the end of your day.

And, remember, organized thoughts = organized actions.  Keep pushing forward!


2 thoughts on “Organized Thoughts = Organized Actions

    1. Thanks! And that’s great, Sam! Is your to-do book like a pocket size one that you carry with you? I also find myself addicted to using my phone, but now that my phone just broke, it makes me re-think having a to-do list on paper, too! lol

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